Portrait Commissions

Fine Art Portraits

A Fine Art Portrait is a great way to celebrate that special person or event in your life while creating a work of art that will last for generations.

My Portrait Painting Philosophy

Of all the things to paint I find people to be the most fascinating. My objective as a portrait artist is to capture not just likeness in appearance but also expression and spirit. This must be done while simultaneously creating an object of aesthetic beauty. This process requires the distillation and extraction of that which is important while excluding the unnecessary.

The Portrait Process

I can work from high quality digital photos that you provide me or, after discussing the goals of your portrait, we can schedule a  1 - 2 hour portrait session in my studio or your home where we can create the perfect composition.  I will make a preliminary sketch and take professional photos to be used for reference. I will then return to my studio to complete the painting.

My studio is located in San Diego, CA but I can travel almost anywhere in the world to meet my clients.

Portrait Prices

Charcoal - From $1,000
Oil - From $2,000

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"Kinsey" 24" x 22" in oil - Private Collection